Understand Software Technologies – Dependencies

In this part of my blog I will be discussing and giving examples of how types of software in different gaming and PC platforms are dependent on certain types of hardware. I will be discussing the impact on game creations and game compliance using appropriate use of subject technology.

Dependencies in my opinion mean that a piece of software in a PC of gaming system is dependent on a piece of hardware for it to be able to work to its full potential. An example of this is a game maker wanting to produce a game will have to put this into deep consideration to make sure that the game is able to be played on not only one gaming platform but also different ones, and make sure that is coding is right for each different platform.

Due to the increase in software content that is fixed into pcs and gaming systems now have, hardware dependent software (HdS) is now a crucial thing when it comes to designing a system.

For example, if and when a team of people want to produce a game, there is not 2 or 3 different teams of people working on the same game but for different gaming platforms, this is because yes maybe it will definitely work on the system, but the games could be completely different to each other, doing different things, but have the exact same name.

But, no a team of people will sit down together and discuss the game both consoles; this could be for an Xbox or a PS4. They would discuss, what would happen in the game, what the game will be about, the graphics, the sound and everything that will be put into the game. They will then go and make the and produce the game as a team so that it is all the same, but when it comes to putting it onto a disk, they will have to find a coding that will be able to work on both consoles, a code where the graphics are clear without any lag, and the sound is clear enough to hear.

All normal consoles and handheld consoles have different ways of operating. These difference can either be a very big significant different or just a slight difference in the graphics, but despite what the difference is or how big it is, the coding needs to be compatible to be able to work on whatever system you choose.

If and when a game is written for a PS4 for example, all the sound for that game is linked, flowing action and routines etc., will be all be written in the language and coding that is used on a PS4, if you were creating something that is written for an android phone, it is almost guaranteed that it will work on other android devices, this is because of the cross compatibility with OS’s.


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