Understand Software Technologies – OS’s (Operating System’s)

In this part of my blog I will be discussing and talking about operating systems (OS’s). I will be doing research and describing examples of how the dependency of OS’s can have an impact on game creation and game compliance. I will be discussing these using the appropriate use of the subject terminology.

An operating is a software programme that allows the computer hardware to communicate and operate with the computers software. Without the computers operating system, the software programmes that would be in a computer would be absolutely useless.[i]

All gaming consoles and handheld devices have different operating systems. Even the operating systems that are similar have a slight difference that can affect the compatible coding of a game. There are a range of OS’s that are available, these include:

  • Windows
  • Android
  • IOS
  • Mac

Many of the operating systems that are available have their own operating systems. Windows and IOS have many different versions of their OS’s, and theses operating systems are capable of supporting the recent games that are being released.


Apps, certain apps are only programmed to operate on certain operating systems. An example of this is android phones, if someone with an android phone was to get and an android app, that app will only work on other android phones, this is due to the fact that the phones will being running on the same operating systems. If someone was wanting to use and play that app on a different device, they would have to change the coding of the app to make it compatible to be played and used on other operating systems. Another example of this was the Nintendo, they used a similar language in all of its systems, this allowed the systems to have backwards compatibility between the different generations of consoles.


[i] http://www.computerhope.com/jargon/o/os.htm


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