Be able to connect and configure platforms and devices to enable game play

In this LO I will be connect different devices to a gaming console. The different things I will be connecting and configuring will be:

  • Console to display
  • Console to console
  • Local area network (LAN)
  • Wide area network (WAN)
  • Wireless
  • Cabled devices to platforms e.g. mouse, paddle, joystick, wheel, guitar, pedals, 360 kinect
  • Wireless devise to platforms e.g. joystick, controller, wheel
  • PC devices e.g. graphics/sound cards, network interface controller (NIC)


Not only will I be connecting devices, I will also be configuring and installing games on PCs, Mobiles and Game consoles:

  • Install PC games
  • Install consoles games
  • Install mobile games
  • Configure PC games
  • Configure console games
  • Configure mobile games


As evidence I will be taking pictures as I am connecting the consoles and also while games are installing and configuring.



photo 5photo 4 photo 3 photo 2 photo 1

Local area network (LAN) & Wireless

These pictures it shows me connecting the gaming system to the internet, first of all I had to go to the settings of the system which is shown in the first, picture, secondly I had to choose the network on the settings, on the network setting I chose the set up internet connection, within setting up internet connection I chose to connect to the LAN (local area network), but was unable to connect.




photo 3 photo 5 photo 1 photo 4 photo 2

Installing and Configuring mobile games

These pictures show me installing and configuring a game on to a mobile device. First of all I had to go on to the app store and chose which game I would like to install, once I had chosen I selected the install button, once that is done it would ask me for a password to my account to make sure it is me and no one trying to hack my app store, once the passwordhas been verified, it would begin the configuratio n process, and once that has been done I was able to play the game whenever I 2photo 1

Cabled devices to platforms

These pictures show connecting the cabled to device to gaming platform, we had to connect the control to the system,

It shows the wire connecting the control to the system and once it was connected it lit-up that meant it was ready to use.


photo 4 photo 3

Wireless devise to platforms

These pictures show the wireless device connecting to the gaming platform. It was the same control as the previous pictures, all we had to do is turn it on and it configured and connected to the device, once it had connected the front of the control again lit-up in a blue colour.


3 photo 5 2 4 5

Wide Area Network

These pictures show us connecting to a wide area network (WAN), again like connecting to the local area network, I had to go on to the setting and go on the network settings but I had to choose a different connecting such as the wireless, when I went to connect to the wireless it was a proxy, so I had to type in a password so it was able to connect, once it had connected I was able to get online.

7 56 89 97

Installing and Configuring console games

These pictures show installing and configuring a game onto the gaming platform. First of all I had to put the disc into the system, once it had loaded it menu screen on system appeared and asked if this was the correct game and what we wanted to do, I selected the game I wanted to play, once it had loaded and installed the game opened up and began configuring, once it configured I was able to choose which game mode I wanted to play and begin playing.


13 79 213 543 584 589

Console to Console and Console to display

These pictures show the connection of console to display, and the display was a projector in the class room on to a white board. We had to get the cables from the projector which are the grey and black ones and connect them to the PS4. Once we had connected them the menu of the PS4 appeared on the board so we were able to do whatever we needed to do.

IMG_8987 IMG_8988 IMG_8989 IMG_8990

PC Device – Sound Card

These pictures show the connection of a sound card being placed into a computer system. As there were 2 different slots, I had to figure which one I would have to place it into, it was the one that is closest to the outside, so I had to position it above the slot and then push it into the slot until it clicked into place.


IMG_8991 IMG_8992 IMG_8993 IMG_8994

PC Devices – graphics card

These pictures show the connection of a graphics card being placed into a computer system. As I said previously there were 2 slots to choose from, and the sound card went into one of them, this meant that the graphics card must of gone into the other one. I did the same procedure as slotting the sound card, I positioned it above the slot and then pushed it down until it clicked into place.


Photo 18-05-2014 12 43 01 Photo 18-05-2014 12 44 06 Photo 18-05-2014 12 45 28 Photo 18-05-2014 12 46 08 Photo 18-05-2014 12 47 13

Installing and configuring PC games

In these pictures it shows me installing and configuring a PC game off the internet on to my laptop computer.

First of all I had to type into the internet a game downloading site, then I chose the game I wanted which was bomber Mario, I then had to download it on to the laptop, go on to my download, once I had got it up I downloaded it on the laptop and it was ready to play




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